About Us

Our journey began in 2017 while one of our founders struggled with hair loss in his mid-30s. While researching, he realized many of the hair-growth solutions are either outdated or overpriced. After more than three years of research, we found the most effective non-surgical hair loss therapies.

We came up with our version of the low-level laser therapy that not only proved to be effective over and over but is also recommended by many hair implant specialists across the United States, Canada, and Turkey.

While developing our own solution to a common problem, we have realized that a high price tag and the complicated regiment will not solve the problem for people not willing to spend thousands of dollars.

Our approach to the already familiar hair regrowth technology is going for a minimalistic design that uses the same technology as many of our competitors, offered at a significantly better price. GoGo Hair Laser Therapy works best with natural supplements and effective harmless topical solutions.

Our mission is to help you restore your confidence with proven to be effective, natural, harmless products.