Hair Regrowth Science

Hair Growth Low Level Laser Therapy


Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function. Although the skin is the organ that is naturally exposed to light more than any other organ, it still responds well to red and near-infrared wavelengths.

The photons are absorbed by mitochondrial chromophores in skin cells. Consequently electron transport, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) nitric oxide release, blood flow, reactive oxygen species increase and diverse signaling pathways get activated. Stem cells can be activated allowing increased tissue repair and healing.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair Care & Nourishment

Once you start your GoGoHair Hair Regrowth process, it's important to take good care of your hair. Natural hair care is one of the most important steps of keeping your newly grown hair. We developed our GoGoHair & Stay Duo that includes a shampoo and conditioner to nourish your newly grown hair. 

Biotin for Hair Growth


While it is true that biotin and other vitamins will not reverse hair loss, it's essential to know that this is just one step of the GoGo Regiment. Combining Biotin supplements and vitamins with our LLLT Technology and Topical Solutions provides a complete hair regrowth program for half the price of our competitors.